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Swarm of the future

We specialise in acculturation, training and actions in ecological issues.

We use collective intelligence teaching methods and deliver interactive courses and conferences. 
We also coordinate the deployment of the Climate Fresk on medium of large scales for organisations, as certified expert instructors, and work with an international network of expert speakers. 


> Climate Fresk

> Deep Time Walk

> 2tons workshop

> Ecological Renaissance

> Digital Fresk

> Ocean Fresk

> Climate Puzzle

> Sexism Fresk


> Inventory of planetary boundaries

> The anthropocene
> Questioning the notion of progress

> Open to new narratives

> Drawing inspiration from what's going on around us

> Quizzes and challenges


Convinced that scientific education and research can help us to trigger the necessary ecological shift, Swarm of the Future finances the project Kosmogonia

A large international and open-data project to identify the ingredients that promote ecological transition in organisations. 


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We have trained and raised awareness in over 120 organisations in France and abroad since 2019, and we are among the longest-serving facilitators of the Fresque du Climat.
Our priority is to empower you by creating knowledgeable and committed communities within your organisation.

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Success stories and the concept progress  on which our societies are based are not more suitable to the challenges of the 21st century.

The dazzling quest of meaning and the multiple crises are major signals.

  Pass  of the competition  to cooperation,

  from degradation to protection,

  from predation to benevolence,

  from mockery to empathy,

  from selfishness to altruism,

  from confrontation to cohesion,

  from division to union,

  from linear to circular.

The environmental and social degradations that industrialised societies  cause are not sustainable for the ecosystems of which we are a part.Scientific findings have been clear for decades.

There are other ways of transporting us, housing us, feeding us and interacting in order to draw
a resilient and fulfilling future.

This organisational change is total and should not be limited to technical and pragmatic issues. It must question and shake up values, cultures, education and philosophies in a transversal way.

We are keen to participate in the swarming of inspiring imaginations in order to transform our models of organisations and interactions.
For this, we offer collective intelligence workshops and training to support organisations in co-build impact projects and consider the present no longer as an extension of a past that is running out of steam but as the beginnings of a desirable future.

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