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Anastasia Dereppe

I spent several years in the field of new technologies, media and culture  before working in corporate strategy in the field of the circular economy - convinced that it is necessary to offer accessible and truly sustainable alternative solutions for all aspects of life.

Today, I support the integration of environmental issues into the strategies of organizations .

  • Teacher - Planetary boundaries & ecological transition at Audencia

  • Certified instructor  (one of the 90 members out of the 75,000) of the Climate Fresk.

> 200 workshops and training sessions with companies, local authorities and universities.

Insatiably curious, wanderer and budding polymath, lifting the lid on many topics such as ecology , education, art, shared governance, energy, citizenship  … allowed me to realize that other imaginaries were possible and rhizomic. This system fascinates me.

After hundreds of hours of training, workshops, conferences, meetings, podcasts, MOOCs of all kinds, exploring new paths for a desirable society, I realized the importance of pedagogy positive, philosophy as a tool aimed at  think for yourself  and the urgency of learning to know how our emotions work in order to live in harmony with the world and take care of it.  

My ultimate goal : to continue to explore, to put in place the solutions of the new society, to create a link between the actors and to help the citizens to feel supported in their efforts.

Linkedin essaim d'avenir

Benoit Marienval

After two academic exchanges in Asia and three years spent in the fields of organizational consulting, I decided to dedicate myself to raising the awareness of individuals and organizations to social and environmental issues.

The fields of alternative pedagogy, ecology, philosophy, neuro-sciences and astronomy are my sources of inspiration.

The ecological issues that arise are  unprecedented. They ask us to draw new collective stories in order to propel living together and place the living at the center for lasting sustainability.

It is in this perspective that Essaim d'avenir was born, in order to propel awareness and support the emergence of new credible and attractive models for greater happiness, inclusion and individual fulfilment.

Linkedin essaim d'avenir

Specialising in acculturation to the ecological challenges of planetary limits
We use collective intelligence teaching methods and also deliver interactive courses and conferences

👉 We also coordinate the deployment of the Climate Fresk for organisations, as certified expert instructors, and work with an international network of expert speakers. 

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