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In an era where erroneous information abounds, where the manipulation of minds is becoming widespread through all channels, where opinions and beliefs replace facts, it is essential to  develop individual critical thinking

The philosophy workshops propose to create a benevolent, open and structured framework so that the participants can collectively bring out unique opinions.

We learn to disagree and experience deep listening.

We understand the construction of an idea by becoming aware of the mental patterns that can influence it.

We are tirelessly bathed in patterns and habits of thought whose source we no longer know and reproduce without hindsight.


For 40 years, humanity's environmental impact has greatly exceeded what the planet can withstand.


The critical thresholds have practically all been reached and this physical situation cannot last. We must finally integrate scientific realities, popularize them and propagate them so that everyone can understand the impact of their actions.

These subtle and fragile interconnections must be placed at the center of concerns and decisions at all levels:  


  • Individual through systemic awareness, civic engagement and an inclusive and supportive educational model

  • Organizational through the spin-off of alternative models and the profound transformation of companies

  • State through a transformation of the democratic model


The future is now now because everything has accelerated. Environmental and social issues impose on us a systemic transformation of our relationship to ourselves, to others and to living things in general.

We need to rethink  the laws, norms, cultures, traditions and ideals of success to place humanity in a desirable and sustainable future, in harmony with ecosystems  natural.

Few humans have had the opportunity  to be able to reinvent everything, this unprecedented shift is an opportunity for everyone to act for the common good and to find deep meaning in their projects.

Narratives, stories and imaginations take a central place in our ability to project ourselves, we must seize them to collectively transform  utopias in reality.

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