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We are convinced that we can build a more exciting world : fairer where ecology and ethics are involved in decisions. Where innovative indicators would make it possible to measure sustainability and development as a priority.

Because it is certain that the success stories on which our societies are based are no longer adapted  to the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

The dazzling quest for meaning, the ongoing societal metamorphoses and the urgency of climate change are major signals of this.

We are committed to participating in the dissemination of inspiring imaginations to transform our organizational models by placing the living and ethics at the center .

There are other ways to transport us, to house us, to feed us and to interact in order to shape a resilient and collectively fulfilling future.

It is obvious to us that we must commit to moving from competition to cooperation, from degradation to protection, from predation to benevolence, from mockery to empathy, from selfishness to altruism, from confrontation to cohesion, from division to union, from a linear vision to a circular ecosystem...

We are convinced that  individual and civic engagement is fundamental to propelling large-scale transformation and creating lasting change. 

Swarm of the future is committed to raising awareness of the development of critical thinking so that everyone can be able to become aware of the issues to become an actor of change.

In order to support this desire, we are building  the panorama of positive initiatives which brings together many actors and ecosystems that are part of this approach.

Let's embark on new stories together

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